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Now that one knows a little about vaping and knows from where to start his/her vaping journey, s/he might be still confused as to what starter kits are and what are their respective constituents. The two main components of any starter kit are an atomiser (the part which heats up the coil and turns liquid into vapour) and a battery (that provides power to the atomiser). Let us categorise the different types of starter kits:

Cig-a-like: These look like cigarettes and are perhaps the earliest versions of a vape starter kit. They give you the true feel of smoking a cigarette. Except the part where the smoke isn’t involved, but vapor. They consist of a rechargeable battery and disposable pod containing the e-liquid. Closed-Pod Systems: These are mostly like cig-a-likes but just don’t look like them. They too have pre-filled disposable pod and a rechargeable battery. These are small and compact and all one needs to do is simply inhale, and curb the nicotine cravings just like a cig-a-like.Vape Pens or eGo: This is probably the next generation of the cig-a-likes. These have a better battery life, and one doesn’t need to dispose of the pods. Rather, these have cartridges that can be refilled. They are mostly preferred by the beginners in vaping, since most of the time, they provide with better flavour and are hassle-free, with a person not having to dispose of the pods as liquid gets over. AIO (all-in-one): As the name suggests, this type of starter kits comes with everything you need built in, except for the liquid, which you will need to buy. This is a bit more advanced starter kit. People also consider cig-a-likes and closed-pods as AIOs, but VapeTeller says that that is not the case. In these types of starter kits, you will get a mod, a tank, extra coils (might not always be the case), and charger, with a manual of instructions for the same. These starter kits are an alternative to vape pens, and a tat advanced.

The next generation of vapes do not come under starter kits. They are for vapers who know what vaping is and have gone to a level beyond of normal vapers and for whom vaping is more of passion. VapeTeller will be answering those in the next articles, but until then one will not have a problem beginning his/her vaping journey. And yes, in case of any doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to VapeTeller at or