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Vaping, similar to any other technology, has evolved in many ways. We have come a long way since the first time a vape/e-cigarette was sold in the market. There is a huge variety of vapes available in the market that a person is likely to get confused as to what s/he should buy. In this confusion, panic strikes and s/he reverts back to the same practice of smoking a tobacco cigarette even before he can get a shot at quitting.

VapeTeller clarifies and simplifies the problem at hand for you. Vaping involves a harmonious blend of two components, the E-liquid (which contains the nicotine) and the Vaporiser (which vaporizes the liquid into vapour). The e-liquid usually consists of a PG/VG blend (PG being Propylene Glycol, which is generally used in ice creams and frozen desserts and VG being Vegetable Glycerin, generally, coconut oil, palm oil or soy extract), may or may not contain nicotine, and food grade flavouring, generally, berry-based, dessert based or mint-menthol. The vape or vaporiser is a hardware through which when a user takes a drag on the mouthpiece, a cotton wick absorbs e-liquid from the cartridge and when it gets in contact with the coil, it naturally turns into vapour. This vapour is then inhaled by the user that calms the nicotine craving.

The easiest way of switching is using something known as a cig-a-like or a closed-pod system. The cig-a-likes look like a cigarette and similar to them are the closed-pod systems but they are not really suggested since, although they are very cheap and convenient, they will eventually have to be cast away because their pods are not refillable and it’s a hassle to find something that replaces them. Then, you end up buying the same thing over and over again. The way to make the perfect switch is by using starter kits (a mod, the part which provides power and an atomizer, the part which receives power and produces vapour). The starter kits may be pen-styled or box mod-styled, with each styled having its own advantages and perks. Unlike the cig-a-likes or the pod-systems, you will have to buy the e-liquid separately for a starter kit. The e-liquids come in various flavours, sizes (10ml/15ml/30ml/60ml/120ml) and nicotine strengths (0/2/3/4/6/12/18/24). A little advice on buying the e-liquids, comparing the Malaysian liquids to any other liquids, the Malaysian 6mg may be equivalent to the 3 or 2 mg/ml of nicotine in the liquids. Also, the Malaysian flavours may be a little spicy contradicting their flavor profile, which might be because of the ill quality of the VG, PG, nicotine and flavours used in them. That spiciness might lead the user to not have a good impression of vaping which might lead him to revert back to smoking. ALWAYS use a good e-liquid. Also, a fair warning to all, do go through all the warnings and instruction on both the e-liquids’ and vaporisers’ packs. They might be the key to understanding of how to use them and the any other related piece of information you might need to know.

Although VapeTeller has provided most of the needed information to avoid confusion of how and where to start vaping, there are bound to be more questions which might require answering. Do not hesitate in contacting VapeTeller at ayushs@indovapes.com or sa@indovapes.com.

Have a splendid start to your vaping journey. Quit smoking, smoking is dead…embrace vaping, vaping is today and this today will effect your tomorrow.