About Us




IndoVapes was commissioned with one sole motive: provide a considerably less toxic alternative to smoking tobacco and cigarettes. Considering the ever rising number of young smokers in the country, the threat posed to the future of our youth from smoking is dangerous and even lethal. Diseases from smoking are also a huge burden on our already under pressure medical facilities. Vaping, is an alternative to smoking that is almost 99% less toxic than smoking. Sure, it won’t get you off the addiction, that is something that comes from within only. But what vaping does is that it won’t cause all the diseases caused by smoking. The addiction can still be worked on, safely, while vaping. As of now, IndoVapes is the leading change agent in getting smokers off cigarettes. Stop smoking. Start Vaping!

Mission and Vision

    • Mission: To provide healthy alternatives to toxic addictions.


  • A smoke free planet
  • A society free from addiction based cancers and diseases
  • A society living with an elevated conscience, free from addictions and unconscious action